5 seconds left… 4…. 3…2 seconds…1 second left… Sold!

5 seconds left… 4…. 3…2 seconds…1 second left… Sold!

People always assocciate eBay and other auction websites with old tattered second hand goods that nobody wants. Their wrong. Have you ever wanted that vintage Chanel necklace sold out weeks ago? Want a new style at a low price? Look no further than eBay the site gives you the chance to buy whatever you want at low prices.

One off designer pieces to bargain finds, this site has it all, you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your home on your mobile or computer without all the hassle of shopping on those cold winter days. With starting prices at only 99p you can grab a bargain today! The excitement of bidding and even more so when you win the item you cant find at the till paying hundreds for overpriced items. Please note you have to be over 18 to own an eBay account- but apart from this anybody can bid and find all those bargain pieces!

Those Diesel jeans that girls wearing, £2.99 and that Hollister Tee, 99p. Think about how much they’ve saved. It unbelieveable how low the prices are considering many of the items on eBay are new too!

Check out my collage below, it’s all items designer goods from eBay at low prices!

Tip- If you are under 18 or dont have access to eBay check out your local car boot sale as they can sell just as good pieces and the prices will go down throughout the day!


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