Sock Bun ‘Donut’ Tutorial

This is my first tutorial so please be kind and let me know what you think! Basically I’m going to be showing you how to make a ‘donut’ to get that perfect or messy bun look everyone seems to be wearing. Don’t one of these ‘donuts’? No problem, I’m going to show you one that you can make yourself and trust me its not difficult- I managed to make it which says a lot. Anyway…

Step one: find a sock, yes a sock you didn’t mishear me. A sock. Any size will do but I find that trainer socks don’t work particularly well, nor do knee high socks. Once you have got your sock cut the toe end of your sock so it looks like this:


Yes, After I made my sock donut bun I realised I realised I had cut up a pair of Calvin Klein ones I found lying around the house…oops!

Step Two: turn your sock inside out and roll it into a ball, eventually i willhave a hole in the middle but if it doesn’t its not the end of the world, keep rolling it in that circular formation to reach your final shape- this image depicts what yours should look like midway through rolling it. If you sort of feed the sock round whilst turning it inside out?


I didn’t explain that very well… Basically you use the same formation that you did for turning it inside out but as you turn it fold the edges from either end as you roll it over to join it together…

Step three: now for the tricky bit, keep rolling until you get a perfect circle shape, infant it is the exact shape of a donut, hence the name, tuck any loose bits inside and voila your done, well the making bit is anyway. It should look like this, don’t worry if its not an exact match, it’s taken me time to get it this shape and I’m still no expert now!


Congrats your sock donut is now ready to put in your hair and if you don’t know how to do this…keep reading for step four!

Step four, perfect bun: tie your hair in a high ponytail and secure with an hair bobble. Place the end of your ponytail through the hole in the donut and roll towards your head in the same motion you did to make the sock, imagine you are turning it inside put again. Once you reach your head your should have a perfect bun, if not use bobby pins to secure loose bits around the edges. Spray with hairspray to keep your look in place Perfect bun achieved!

Step four messy bun: tie your hair in a high ponytail and secure with a hair-bobble. Put the donut through your hair through the end of the pony tail until you reach the top and its directly on top of your bobble, please note there is not rolling like with the perfect bun! Now grab random bits of hair and cover the donut, secure With a bobby pin underneath the donut sock, until your whole donut is covered and there is no loose hair. Use hairspray to keep this look lasting all day and then you’re finished!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and please like or comment I would love to hear what you think of it! Since I didn’t do so good at explaining it. I would recommend you type in YouTube sock bun tutorial if you are still unsure, try this web link too, it’s where. I got the idea from! The actual tutorial shows you how to have your hair in a braided donut too, something I have failed to achieve being able to do!

Click Here For The Braided Hair Sock Bun Tutorial



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