Conversations and first impressions

Those first few words that come out of your mouth when you start to talk to that complete stranger you met at a work party or in line for the bus can give them the earliest impressions of you and you want to make a good impression on them, right? You never know when you will meet this person again, maybe there’s a reason there are new faces at the party? They could be your new assistant or maybe even a potential boss of yours in the future… I know the possibilities of this are fairly limited but anything can happen? Anyways, I thought I would give you a few facts and statistics on helping you impress this stranger and give them a positive reason to remember your name…

Okay so I found out on this website that only 40% of impressions come from what you actually say. This person cares about what you say enough to base part of their opinion on it but there’s a bigger fractional proportion of what the majority of use to help us make our decisions… It’s body language. Infact a huge 52% of your impression comes from the way you talk, the way you walk and the way you mess with your hair as your talking… This can put huge amounts of pressure on people to try and act ‘normal’ which can lead to somebody thinking you are something you’re not. My advice to you is just be yourself but remember your manners. It’s something I will admit I am not the best at taking my own advice but I know it works if you just try it. Just be confident in yourself, remember to say please and thankyou and away you go!

I guess your probably realising that I only give you 92% of what most people’s opinion is made up of… So what about the remaining eight? Well I can’t remember entirely to be completely honest, I read it a while back so please don’t quote me on the statistics but I’m pretty sure they’re accurate… Anyways I think the last 8% was down to the individual. You have your own opinions and its best for you to make your final judgement on that instinct that’s coming from your brain…

So, yeah there’s all the facts and figures for you, I’m not 100% sure I nailed the figures but like I said they are pretty accurate. Now I can’t give tips on manners because I’m sure you already are are aware of this so I thought I would give you my best conversation starters. I know many people would probably be a little self-conscious at looking up conversation starters, so I have done it for you.. Here’s my top 3…

1. Hi I m (name) …. Simple but effective it shows you have confidence and works if you have never met before

2. What are you doing this/ last weekend? It shows you are interested in what they have to say, maybe only use this’d if you know them a little bit better

3. Do you have any brothers or sisters? You are not asking for their entire family history, just taking a general interest

Okay so I know these are kind of obvious but I am going to start a ‘conversation starter of the day so be sure to have a look tomorrow and get another one!



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