The First Cut at the Gallery of Costume

Hi! I’m back with a slightly more interesting story than my usual pointless rambles, I’ve actually been somewhere that I can pot about! Anyways, I visited the Gallery of Costume at Plattfields, Manchester. They were showcasing an exhibition named ‘The First Cut’. I know what you’re thinking… I went to some crappy museum and it was about hairdressing or something similar. Well I admit that was what I thought I was going to but seen as it was only going to be in town for a few more weeks I decided to check it out.


When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the location. Plattfields is a huge park in central Manchester, home to a bmx track, a children’s play area and the general features you would spot in any ordinary park. To one side of all this stood a tall building with two big banners with the words ‘The First Cut’ scrawled across.

I walked inside to find exquisite items of clothing made out of nothing but money and paper! Obviously these were not to wear on s day to day basis but I was still fascinated by the intricate detailing in each and every individual piece.


This pieces shows at least one hundred notes shaped to create an amazing masterpiece that is not only original and inspiring but was only created in the last ten years! It appears modern art is stepping up to new heights and giving us a new fashion based feel for art. The pieces were created by simply finding old maps and bit of garbage that would have been throw out otherwise! The imaginations of artists, Susan Cutts, Violise Lunn and Susan Stockwell have truly come alive to create these inspiring pieces which are really extraordinary one-off pieces.



The dress depicted above is made completely out of some paper-cloth material and its just amazing to think about how intricate each stitch and little ripple is, there must have been hours and hours of work gone into this!

There is also a collection on at the Manchester Art Gallery similar to this but less fashion based, more like the kind of sork from Rob Ryan and other well known artists who tend to favour paper designs instead of spending hours with a pot of paint and a canvas! Anyways if you do get a chance to have a look at this exhibition it’s in Manchester until the 27th of January so make sure you get down there quick before it goes… I would definitely recommend going, it’s a fab experience and I learned a lot about fashion too! There’s also a permanent fashion range there with Versace from the sixties, it’s really interesting to compare it to styles nowadays!

Let me know what you think of the dresses, comment with your favourite one! I love reading which ones people prefer so please let me know!




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