Virgin Mobile App

Has anybody had the same problem as me? I’ve got a new phone for Christmas and carried on with my old contract with Virgin Mobile. I got a new sim so I could carry on this contract on my iPhone and with it came a letter saying ‘download this app and we will give you free insurance’ so I thought that was pretty good considering I’m no good with phones. Got to the App Store and….’no results found’

I have spent my whole evening looking on the Internet for some sort if clue… But let’s face it, the Internet isn’t any good when it comes to things like this there are way too many options that have nothing to do with what I put in the search engine.

I really don’t want to phone up, yep I really don’t. The phone conversations last forever and I always end up on hold for at least twenty minutes and its expensive too! I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that I won’t call up.

So I just thought I would do a quick post to ask if anybody has had this problem or know any way I can get this app to work.


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