Society and Marilyn Monroe

I wanted to address a more serious issue today, like what is completely and utterly wrong with today’s society. I saw this post on Facebook and I wanted to give credit to the author but it was shared from a few accounts so all I’m going to say is, whoever made this- thanks 🙂

Today so much pressure is put on girls and women a like to be perfect. Barbie Dolls. Fake. Is it really a world we want to live in?

Take Marilyn Monroe, size 14 and considered one of the best looking women throughout the 50s and 60s. Nothing wrong with that at all, but modern media can play such cruel mind games to try and give you a different take on it all…

Jesy Nelson, singer in the X Factor band, Little Mix and a size 12. Again nothing wrong with that- I personally thin she looks really pretty- so why are the magazines taking a different approach to it and making horrible remarks , many of which conclude her to be the ‘fat one’ in the band.


Okay, so my point is that both girls are stunning and shouldn’t change for anyone, they really suit their figures- so why are the newspapers and magazines that we unfortunately live with trying to twist the truth. Both girls don’t need to lose any weight and are perfect the way they are. I really do love Jesy’s style and can’t rave about it enough, I am honestly appalled that someone out there could make such immature and untrue comments…



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