Etsy Finds: iPhone 4 Cases

I am in love with etsy at the moment. True story. I love the cute little handcrafted pieces, I could never find any of these beautiful items in the most equisite vintage boutique shops yet I can find them on the world wide web, everything I have ever wanted… all on one websote. Long gone are the days of looking through charity shops in search of that retro lamp or hours of online shopping for that cute dog lead. I really can’t rave enough about this website, especially the phone cases. The only bad point is I either have to pay extra for shipping to the UK or beg the seller to ship it to the UK at all!

Since christmas I have had my red polka dot Cath Kidston case but it’s not lasted as long as I thought and I’m already starting to see chips where its starting to come away. It’s about time I invested in a new one that will last longer than a month. So I’ve been on etsy and I honestly cant decide between all of these, they’re so cute, I love the unique personalised feel to them all. Here’s my top 3 iPhone 4 or 4s cases…

This Wonka Bar Phone Case is uber cute!
This Wonka Bar Phone Case is uber cute!

Case Envy, $15 or £9.93
I really like this quirky case, I dont know anyone with this and quite frankly I dont know why! How could anyone not want Willy Wonka on their phone? The only thing is that I feel hungry even looking at it- it will make lunchtime seem ages away!

One hand in the air for the big city, street lights all lookin' pretty
One hand in the air for the big city, street lights all lookin’ pretty

Case Republic, $15, £9.93
One of my big dreams is to go to New York, I love the idea of going to ‘that big city where dreams are made’ and experiencing it for myself. The font used on this is really cute and girly too which I love!

Another Juicy to add to my (non-existant) collection #WishfulThinking
Another Juicy to add to my (non-existant) collection #WishfulThinking

ReeseMandyShop, $15 or £9.93
Real juicy or a fake this Juicy Courture case is really cute, the signiture logo on the girly pink background is a cheap way to make your phone case stand out from your avereage ‘Cath Kidston’ or ‘Ted Baker’ case.

Let me know what you think and if you want a link to any of the etsy stores, just comment and I will get it for you



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the willy wonka one! may have to buy it! 🙂

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      I love this one too! I have actually bought it now for my phone!

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