The Fairytale City: NYC


Ive got myself into a bit of an ‘Empire State of Mind’ this week. I’m not talking about rapping with Jay-Z or belting out with Alicia Keys, no I’ve decided on a real ambition this week, to visit New York.

I’ve always been fascinated about the big city from being really little, I can remember reading ‘ James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl and wondering why little James wants to visit ‘the big apple’ so bad. As I’ve grown up my interest has grown, now not only from fictional stories and movies but from the ever growing photos in magazines, depicting the most stylish celebrities in their huge Manhattan Suites. You can’t help but just wonder a little about what it would be like to visit…

I can’t help but daydream every now and again about Times Square in the wintertime. Showers of glittery snow falling from the night, landing perfectly on the skyline so it looks like it was hand scattered. The old fashioned street lamps illuminating the night, the hustle and bustle from the busy streets, the breath-taking views, the billboards, the food, the sights,the Fairytale city. New York. Perfect.

I don’t know why I decided this week, I’ve always wanted to visit but I’m positive it’s what I want to do now, it may not be this year, it may not be for another 10 years but its definitely something I would love to do.



(Okay so I struggled to find a picture without copyright, this said there were no known right but I would still like to give credit to the US National Archives and theNational Archives and Records Administration on Flickr for the picture)


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