Product Review: Rubber Penguin Phone Case

Wet Seal tech accessory

Okay, so we’ve all seen this phone case at one point or another and now it’s my turn to review one of the most iconic phone designs of 2013, the penguin phone case. I’m pretty sure this one has been around for some time, I remember seeing it on eBay stores about a year ago, but it’s only in the last few months that the penguin design has become known. My friend bought a pink version last week and she was very pleased with the results. The quirky design adds a sense of humor to the average phone, besides- if you’re on your phone all the time, you going to want to add some sort of accessories to it, right? The rubber material should hopefully last a good while, but may not be the best for protecting your phone if it was to be dropped etc. Overall although I love the design I would have the constant fear of dropping my phone and not knowing whether it would be same has surpassed the desire to want a quirky phone case. I would give it 7/10. I really love the design and I could be completely wrong, it could be fine when dropped but from previous experience, I don’t think the penguin phone case is for me.


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    1. mydogblog09 says:

      Heehee I love the design too!;)

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