My Easter Weekend: Thorpe Park

I hope everyone had a good weekend off? Personally, I love Easter. It one of the only days of the year where we all have an excuse to eat as much chocolate as we like-without feeling guilty. But this Easter, I swapped the chocolate for chaos and visited the nations thrill capital, Thorpe Park!


I think the word ‘Thrill Seeker’ is a huge under statement. I really do love my big rides, so it’s a good job I’m over 1.4 metres! For me, everyday should be spent doing something to get your heart pumping. Yeah, that doesn’t happen most days- I’m pretty lazy… But yesterday I spent the whole time queuing and screaming!


I do think my favourite ride was ‘The Swarm’ it was only released in 2012 so it was a whole new experience for me, the UK’s first winged roller coaster was absolutely amazing. The whole theme was ‘The end is coming’ so as you can expect, there are a few near misses(see pic above) you miss the massive billboard by ‘this much’ (about a metre or so? But it feels like just a few inches)



If you have ever visited Thorpe Park, you will understand why the ‘tidal wave’ is so big. I think unless you haven’t seen it in person, you cannot appreciate how high it really reaches, obviously you can get an idea from images but trust me, in person, it looks LOTS bigger!


Now, for all the Easter eggs that await me when I get home!

How was your Easters?

As always, it’s my life, your views from mydogblog09



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