A is for Abercrombie…



As part of my photo challenge, I decided to base my post today on one of my favourite US stores, Abercrombie & Fitch . Although we do have a few stores here in England they’re few and far between. However their other brand, Hollister Co appears to have quite a few more UK stores so this means I can still shop for Abercrombie style clothing. I feel that Hollister is more ‘Cali girl’, the bright colours and statement prints bring a more American teen vibe to the shop. Abercrombie on the other hand seems to host a variety of formal and casual clothing to suit the majority of your clothing needs!(cheesy but also true). Today I wore my navy Abercrombie t-shirt(shown above) for a lazy day in, can’t go wrong with a T-Shirt and leggings on a lazy day, right?

If your a UK citizen or have an interest in horses or gambling then I, sure you will have known that today is Grand National Day, the biggest horse race England has ever known. That one day when the majority of Britain spend five minutes shouting at the TV, in hope that it will encourage the jockey to make their dream come true. The whole room on the edge of their seats, shouts of “come on boy” and “you can do it” are deafened by your own conscious thoughts of what life would be like if your horse was first past the post. Each year since I can remember I have always visited my dad on Grand National Day and spend the afternoon watching all the horses cantering in endless circles around the track, waiting for the start of the day that could change their lives (and my dads of course if the odds were in his favour). My sister and I would always assist my dad in which horses he chose and this year has been no exception. Some things never change, just like the fact that his horses didn’t finish in the top four spots.

For results of the grand national Click Here.

Hope you all had a good weekend?


“If you always tell the truth you never have to remember anything”


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