April App Update


Day Eight of my challenge and today I decided it was time for a little visit to the App Store, I needed a music update- think I can probably sing( not very well) the lyrics to all the songs on my iPhone backwards! So I bought ‘When I was your man’ by Bruno Mars, this is a super cute song I’ve been waiting for ages to buy! I also got Bastille’s new song ‘Pompeii’. I think it’s a really summery song and apparently it reminds my sister of the lion king? In a good way though! The app I downloaded was Video Star, a unique application which allows customers to make their own videos to their favourite songs in little chunks, you film a piece, then cut and restart and then at the end it puts all the little frames together and blocks out any background noise to create your very own music video! Awesome right? Oh by the way the picture of the fan video was one I found on shuffle( if you click the heart in the upper corner it allows you to watch other people’s videos and that was the first one to come up) 😀


“I should have bought you flowers and held you hand”

-Mr Bruno Mars 😉


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