Amazon Bargains (iPhone Cases #3)

Day Nine, nearly finished!
After months of endless hours of flicking through Etsy for the perfect phone case I decided to try another website with a few different designs, I loved the designs on Etsy but I wasn’t planning on spending £25 on an iPhone case, my current Cath Kidston case, within a few months of owning the case it has scratched the entire back surface and a few cracks along the edges, along with the colouring coming off around the edge, I really wouldn’t reccomend it (Click here to view my previous phone case)
and I imagine the rest of the Cath Kidston cases are the same. I absolutely adore Cath Kidston and all their vintage chic items but I just don’t think that their iPhone cases are upto their usual standards.

So, rant over, I told myself I wasn’t going to spend the same on a phone case for the same to happen again, nobody wants to spend money on something that will just break, right? So after trying eBay with no success I asked a friend who told me about her unhealthy obsession with amazon and how she buys practically everything off there. There’s something to be said for ‘phoning a friend’ as soon as I typed in the words into their search engine, the world became my oyster, literally. There were hundreds of thousands of cute phone cases, I just wanted them all!


In the end I decided to go for two different cases, which cost me under £5, and yes that’s including postage! I couldn’t believe the price of the cases, if my case lasts a while I will definitely be purchasing of amazon again! I chose the white hardback snoopy case- I got the last one from ‘Plandack’ but I saw plenty of the same case from other seller- I’m hoping the hardback will give my phone more protection and the white colouring means it cannot fade or scratch off over time! I also chose a baby blue rubber case from ‘Trade wonder ship from Hong Kong’ for just 99p! I was astounded at the bargain, the only problem is that my case will take upto 30 days(I think) to be delivered 😦 so if you can’t wait that long this one may not be for you. I decided I would try out a rubber case, I am a little skeptical as I’m not sure whether it will be as sustainable or even protect my iPhone but hey, you can’t go wrong with trying?


I think that amongst other things, a phone case helps to define who you are, express your style to the world and give everyone a little idea of your judgement and style. Yeah, I know clothing styles etc do all this too but I tend to pay attention to people’s phone cases (god knows why?), I love seeing people at the train station with cute quirky cases as well as the smart or chic ones, I don’t know what I’m going on about really, I think I just want the perfect case to try and express my style a little more. I very almost bought this super cute toy story aliens case but I decided just to stick with two for the time being but I know which one I’m buying next 😉 I’m sorry but how awesome is this! (Link here)


What is your favourite website for phone cases and what sort of style do you go for, hardback or rubber? I can’t wait to post pics of them when they come!


“We ignore each other and you pretend I don’t exist but deep down we both know it wasn’t supposed to end like this…”


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