Blogging on a Budget

Last week the #bbloggers topic was ‘Blogging On A Budget’ and so I thought I would post my favourites on my blog! I like doing reviews on my blog, I think that we can all learn from each other which products are worth buying and which don’t live up to their expectations. My top five tips for keeping a blog without breaking the bank are as followed.

1. Big Brands don’t Mean Big Views
I don’t know about you but I would rather read about reviews for a variety of products from different price ranges; I ocasionally treat myself to high-end makeup but the majority of the time I but everything from Rimmel, Maybeline and L’oréal . I think although it’s great to hear about your MAC collection but maybe if we do a variety of posts it can reach out to a variety of audiences. I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on expensive products as I’m not sure the expenses will be worth it- don’t get me wrong, if you already have a makeup bag full of MAC and Chanel then by all means do a PR on it, just don’t think it’s worth people going out and buying beauty products just for reviewing.


2. I wear your Grandad’s clothes, I look incredible
We’ve all heard the song, but have you ever considered some of the most amazing vintage pieces are available for a lot less than you think? I know quite a few people are conscious of buying from Thrift Shops as they are second-hand which apparently means they aren’t as good quality but after buying a few items from Charity Shops in my area I’ve discovered they can last just as long as anything else in my wardrobe! We shouldn’t pay £50+ for so,e vintage dungarees or retro hi-tops when you can get some for 10 X less, I think it’s definately worth checking out if you have chance..

3.Beauty Bargains
Why pay full price for items to review when you can get the same products at a discounted price? Try websites like Fragrance Direct for discounts on your favourite stores, from Essie to CK it has everything you need and for many under £2! For more fashion based discounts tryBrand Alley.


4. A Little HelpGoes A Long Way
Why not try out some of your family and friends products and do a review on those instead? There’s no purchase necessary and you get to try out some new beauty faves recommended (well, borrowed) from those you trust. Obviously ask them first but I’m sure if they realise how much you could use it then they will be happy to help?

5. Beauty Faves
Each month I do a post on all my favourite purchases from that month, for example for April I chose my BB cream and Barry M Gelly Nail Varnishes (Post Here). this means I can re-post some of my purchases of the month so it cuts down on items to buy if you are buying products to review for your blog. I normally just buy what I want to try out and then review them on my blog- I don’t go out and buy items specifically for reviews.


Hope these tips have helped, I’m really bad at taking my own advice but I’ve managed to stick to these rules fairly well, so I’m quite pleased about that! If anyone wants to let me know your tips for blogging on a budget then either comment below or tweet me @mydogblog09


“might not be on top of the world but hey, I’m on my way”



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