Dancing Under The Stars❤


Its taken me a while to realise that perhaps one of the things holding me back for my blog is the really (really, really) long web address, typing in https://mylifethroughtheeyesoftheweb.wordpress.com is a chore for anyone, let alone remembering it! For this reason I’ve decided to go for something a little less bulky but i couldn’t find anything shorter than ‘dancing under stars’. I originally wanted to be dancingunderthestars.wordpress.com but someone had already taken it and deleted it, which meant I couldn’t have that URL. I guess that one was a little too long anyway. So I am now offically dancingunderstars.wordpress.com, well I will be once I figure out how to change it, I’ve been through my settings trying to change it, I’m only hoping that it just takes a few hours for it to process but if not please drop a comment if you know how I can change my blog name! 🙂

What do you think of the new name? Let me know on my twitter or comment below!


“It’s written in the stars, a million miles away”


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