Smells like summer…

Long summer days; early mornings and late nights. We all want to smell our best throughout the day and into the evening too! I have put together my favourite fragrances for summer 2013 and I hope you like them!

DKNY Be Delicious, £34.50 for 30ml

This has to be a must on any girls list, it’s the perfect scent for on the go and ideal if you’re off to a BBQ or over at a friends. I love the strong fruity scent, it makes you smell really fresh too. It’s definately not an overpowering fragrance, it smells rather subtle but refreshing at the same time. I think out of all my summer perfumes this is my favourite simply because it smells so fresh and healthy but also it’s isn’t too ‘in your face’ like other fragrances I’ve tried. I also own the DKNY Fresh Blossomwhich is in the same DKNY series as my Be Delicious one, it can also be bought at The Perfume Shop which is also £34.50 for 30ml. I bought the two together from Duty Free on my last holiday but there’s so many stores that still sell it, The Perfume Shop was just an example.

Hollister Body Mist in Crescent Bay, £12 for 250ml

I know that body mists technically aren’t perfumes but Crescent Bay has such a fun, sweet scent that I had to put this on my must have perfumes for this summer! You can really smell the watermelon and poppy (nicest combo ever, no joke!)I love the idea that I can carry it with me wherever I go, just put it in my bag so I can refresh the smell every so often. I think it’s the ideal fragrance to take with you to the beach or pool, the smell just reminds me of summer to be perfectly honest! They sell this in a perfume, body wash and rollerball all at similar prices. I own the Crescent Bay body wash which smells just as nice and as its a body lotion it means you can smell fruity and fun for ever longer! I think the price of this body mist is amazing, I use this as an everyday spray and it still takes me a good few months to get through one bottle and not only is it great value for money but its also 3 for £24! Trust me, 3 bottles will do you for the year!

Daisy, Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs, £43.20 for 75ml
My favourite evening summer scent is ‘Daisy’ Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs, unfortunately I don’t own it though, it’s on my wishlist this week. I need to get saving to buy it before summer truly hits the UK! I think it’s the perfect evening fragrance, especially for a more formal function or a meal out. It’s £43.20 in John Lewis at the moment. I actually haven’t had chance to smell the new summer ‘sunshine’ collection from Marc Jacobs but I’m aware that Selfridges for £45 if you’re more interested in having the latest Daisy. I think the original Daisy is more suited to the winter and the Daisy, Eau so Fresh is ideal for summer- clever thinking Marc!

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these perfumes or I’d love to know what your favourite summer Fragrence is!

– mydogblog09

“Smile 🙂 “


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