Retro Nails Tutorial

I love painting my nails, so I thought I would share my latest design with you- I think it’s a fairly retro design and sums up the ‘Team Spirit’ trend quite well. I used my Essie Nail Polish from my new favourite online ‘drug store’ as Americans called them (I’m having a mental block, what do we call them in the UK?), anyways I bought it for just £1.99 from Fragrance Direct , I’ve used this colour in a few of my posts- as you can tell I’m completely obsessed with it! I chose the shade: 223A, Off The Shoulder. I also used my white Barry M nail pen and black pen from an independent retailer but its fairly similar to the Barry M one. To get rid of any imperfections I used my Barry M nail corrector pen and I also discovered that although the Essie nail varnish looked good, the Barry M nail pen in Raspberry looks just as effective. I would also recommend trying other pastel colours but also experimenting with darker shades too.


Step one, apply a coat of the Essie nail varnish

Step 2, with your white Barry M pen, draw a zig-zag diagonally across half of your nail and fill it in with the white pen, you may need to repeat this to ensure the white doesn’t fade.

Step 3, Go around the edge of the zig-zag with a black nail pen

Step 4, Using the black pen write the word ‘Pow’ and then to complete the look add some dots to the pink half of the nail to add impact.


So there you go! If you try this look tweet me @mydogblog09 or leave a link below. Feel free to contact me and send a picture by clicking here


“Here’s to never growing up”🎶


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