May Favourites! ❤

Okay so here’s my May Favourites post! This is the second favourites post I’ve given a go so please be kind, I know they aren’t up to scratch yet!


So first off, my first favourite of the month was Primping with the Stars Fake it Kit by Benefit, I don’t normally buy some of the more expensive brands like MAC or Benefit but I was browsing in John Lewis and they had a 20% off day which I was really excited about, so chose to make the cheeky purchase! I really should have had a look at some reviews before I bought it as they’re some products which are much better than others but as it was a one day discount I didn’t really want to miss out.

My second favourite of the month was my DKNY Be Delicious collection which was also featured in my Smells like Summer post. I bought this last year in duty free, it came with the Be Delicious Fresh Blossom but I’ve used the majority of it up, so it isn’t really a new find for me. I’m not sure why I didn’t use the original be delicious before, it smells really fresh and fruity-an essential for summer!

Another product I bought last month but didn’t really use until April/May was my Pink Essie Nail Polish, which I have done so so many posts on this month, I absolutely love the colour and honestly can’t rave about it enough, the best part was- it cost £1.99! Yep, you heard me Essie nail polish for under £2! Check out Fragrance Direct and save £6 on them, the colour selection is absolutely amazing and I still can’t believe how cheap it is! I decided this month I would have a ‘nail polish spending ban’ as I spend way too much on nail polish each month and I really need to be buying more essential items, especially as I’ve got a holiday coming up (yay!), my Holiday Haul post is up if you want to have a look, the second part is scheduled for this week too!

Three down, two to go! My fourth fave needs no introduction, it’s a slush puppy! Anyone remember those? I hadn’t had one in years and then I found out the local ice skating rink has them! Bit cold when you’re ice skating but I got so excited, you can’t beat a classic summer drink like that? I bought this one a few days ago when I was out and although it wasnt quite a slush puppy I loved it all the same. If you’ve never had one I suggest you try it out!

My final may fave is We Heart It, an app and web page with really cute vintage pics on it! I’m always hungry after searching through all the cupcake pics and I want to go shopping after seeing all the outfits on here, I wish everything on it was my wardrobe! If you want to add me on We Heart It my username is mydogblog09-like on wordpress and twitter! I post the majority of images used on my blog there so feel free to have a look- if you would like to view the image in my collage (moustache pillows and fairy lights one) then just click here, (it’s originally off pin interest so that’s why the link brings you to there). I really need to work out how to use Blog Lovin, GFC and Pin Interest so if anyone has any tips or easy tutorials on how it all works let me know-I’m no good at these things!

So there you have it, my May Favourites! I would love to know what your faves for this month are so either else me a comment or tweet me, I’m @mydogblog09 by the way!


“I’m in love with you, and all your little things 🎶❤ (secret 1D fan, what can I say?)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, your Essie polish was a bargain, I love the colour too Xx

  2. Lovely!
    Maybe we can follow each other? x

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      Yeah sounds good, I’m already following you:) if you are interested I am running a giveaway for a follower to have free advertising on my blog so that you can advertise your blog to a wider audience, if you are interested then have a look at the link


  3. Loved your favorites! I am putting my DKNY perfume in my May favorites too 😀

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