Big Bucket List Update

Okay so the reason my blog hasn’t been exactly active the last few weeks is because I decided to tick off 3 of my Bucket List items, if you don’t know what I’m on about then click here to see my Bucket List page. So the three I managed to achieve were…

*drum roll please*

Swimming with Dolphins
Visiting a new country
Visiting a new continent

(& an extra one which is on my life bucket list, snorkling with fish and rays)


Visiting a new country and continent
So I managed to do both of these in one go on my holiday to Florida! I still can’t believe I visited the Sunshine State and visited all of its amazing theme parks and iconic locations. Everything from Shopping to the weather was absolutely breathtaking- I’m currently scheduling a post on it to come so watch this space.



Swimming with Dolphins
This was absolutely amazing, swimming with dolphins is something I never thought I would have the chance to do but I actually did it. We got to signal it to do tricks, get a dolphin ride and even get kisses with the dolphin! Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take any photos of the dolphin swim so the nearest I have is this giant statue thing in the foyer.


I bought a waterproof disposable camera to take some photographs on it if the fish, I will upload as soon as I have it developed. But can any of you guess where I did it? (It’s frozen lemonade from the free lunch they supplied-yes I did just say free food and drink!)



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