Collective Haul

Okay so I did a little shopping last weekend and thought I would share my purchases with you. I bought a few beauty bits and bobs but nothing out of the ordinary.

Barry M Nail Varnishes
I got so excited when I saw that Barry M nails were on 3 for 2, I actually think I got a little too excited to be honest! I bought the clear 3 in 1, mushroom and pink silver glitter polish and it only cost me £6, total bargain.

Hair Grips
For anyone who knows me will already be acquaint to my obsession with hair grips, I left all of mine in Florida whilst on holiday so I needed some more, and quick! I bought these grips from Primark for £1 and considering you get 40 in a pack it’s incredibly cheap!


Hair ‘Bits n Bobs’ Box
I actually found this in the Paperchase sale for a fiver, which was another bargain confiding it should have been 4x the price originally. I’ve used it to store all of my hair grips, bobbles, elastics and clips- what do you think?

Another 3 for 2 deal, I absolutely love having socks that aren’t just plain and boring, my wardrobe is full of too many of those already! I love the tortoise ones, they’re so cute and adorable.

Company Magazine
I got it just a few days before the new one came out but it’s another one to add to my collection!

Simple Wipes
These are most definitely my all time favourite makeup remover wipes, they are really skin friendly and perfect for both sensitive and dry skin. They may not be the cheapest at a few pounds a pack but they’re completely worth it for the quality, every ounce of makeup comes off in an instant!

Hope you enjoyed my haul, look out for some more soon!


Nobody’s Perfect

(May I add that the newspaper wasn’t mine, i havent the foggiest about psychology!)


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