Get Real Barbie….


So true. I love this quote because it truely defines our perception of women, young girls tend to play with babies from a young age which makes her the figure you grow up with, everyone is different and beautiful in their own way but if we our generations are being brought up to think that everyone looks like a barbie then what is that teaching them? For one, I don’t believe this is right; if Barbie was a real person she would have size three feet, have the BMI of someone with Anorexia and she would have to walk on all four feet to support her body.


All the facts are there to show that miss Barbie is so unrealistic and simply could not survive on her current weight at the height she is. Yet the majority of three to seven year olds look to barbie as someone normal but how normal is she really? A barbie doll is bought every two seconds by someone and given to another child who will make the same assumption. I appreciate that the Barbie creators and manufactures aren’t trying to brain wash our children or anything like that, I just wish they were more like the average women’s frame and figure.

So all I ask is that we all take a second and actually consider what a small innocent looking doll can be associated with. The media is constantly raving about everyone having a model-esque figure but for the average citizens with average families, average jobs, average schools it most certainly is clear we aren’t all models, why would we want to be though? We all come in different shapes and sizes, we all have our flaws and highlights- if everything was perfect like Barbie, what kind of people would we be?

That’s why I’m backing the Get Real Barbie Campaign…

It was created in 2011 for NEDAW- National Eating Disorder Awareness Week by a last named Galia Slayen. I read this post about NEDAW and Barbie and I was blown away by this piece of writing, she is honestly a truely talented journalist for Huffington Post. I think this ties up all my thoughts on Barbie dolls so if you want to have a look then just click here

What are your thoughts on Barbie dolls?


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You want a perfect girl? Go buy a Barbie.



5 Comments Add yours

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      I’ve signed the petition, I hope you get many more to sign it too:)

      1. blessedbirth says:

        Thanks so much, I really appreciate that!

      2. mydogblog09 says:

        I’ve published a new blog for all my beauty reviews, would really appreciate it if you followed old honestly make my day!


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