July Favourites

It’s that time of the month already! This month has gone so fast, Ive literally blinked and July has gone! Due to the amazingly warm British weather I, along with many others have spent my weekends chilling, sunbathing, BBQing, eating ice creams and as I already pretty much had my summer wardrobe sorted from my holiday I hate to admit but I’ve not done as much buying as I normally do. Nevertheless I have still pulled together my favourite purchases of the month, enjoy!

Jack Wills Bracelet
This bracelet hasn’t really left my wrist since I bought it last week, I love wearing bracelets but I only own a few staple ones, so I’m hoping to add this to my collections, it’s neutral colour means it will go with the majority of my outfits which is always a bonus!

MUA Shadows
Look familiar? In my opinion it’s almost identical to the Boujois eye palette, however I cannot compare quality as I don’t yet own one. Anyways, I thought the pigmentation was fairly good and the colours in the palette compliment each other perfectly. I really like the fact that the colours have the right balance between matt and shimmer, they are quite a subtle shimmer which is perfect for casual summer days!

Topshop Dungarees
Theses are my new babies! I’ve been obsessed with these since I bought them, I love how you can dress them up or down accordingly. I don’t normally splash out on the more high priced Topshop goods but I can safely say they were worth the purchase.

Pink: Wild at Heart
My new summer fragrance is Pink by Victoria Secrets. Although I don’t have a store anywhere near me, I was lucky enough to go to Florida last month on holiday and so I got it there. Damn I wish I had bought another bottle too! It’s such a fun, flirty summer smell that I simply can’t get enough of!

“Night Visions” Imagine Dragons
I’ve not done a song of the month for a while now, even though I’ve managed to spend way too much money on iTunes! At the moment Imagine Dragons are my favourite band, I love their style of music and variety of songs, everyone hates a one hit wonder, right? Their songs have been on so so so many adverts recently too, Samsung, Fifa, the list could go on but I won’t bore you. Have a listen to their album on YouTube, just click here and you will understand why I’m raving bout them so much!

Candy Crush Saga
There was no way I was leaving this game out, I have literally been addicted to playing it, especially to try and beat my family and friends. The only aspect to the game I don’t really approved of is the fact you have to pay every 10 or 15 once you hit level 40- it’s a great money making scheme but for us playing, it’s just plain annoying and makes me less likely to carry on with the game. I’m stick on Level 65 if you have any tips for me?

Okay so there’s my favourite items for July, I’m hoping to do a bit more shopping next month so I can have millions of August favourites! I would love to see your July Favourites too, just leave me a comment with a link and I will have a look.


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