Guest Post: 5 Ways To Style Your Hair This Summer

Today I’m excited to hand you over to my first Guest Blogger, Lorilee from . I absolutely love her blog and I’m so excited that she offered to Guest blog. So without further ado, here is Lorilee’s post on 5 ways to style your hair this summer!

Do you have long hair and not know what to do with it in all this heat? Wear it up, down, to the side or shave it all off. Now that last one is a little too extreme for my liking, but the rest I can cope with. Below I will demonstrate 5 ways to wear your hair this summer.  

1. Side platt – I have been rocking this look for a few days as I have had some really bad sunburn on my back, there is still some on my back. The side platt can be worn either side. I wear it on the right as the left side of my hair is thicker. It doesn’t have to be neat and tidy as you can see from mine it’s a bit messy but I like that look. To achieve this look sweep all your hair to one side and start plating. 

2. Wavy wavy – instead of buying one of those really expensive wave machines platt your hair like I have done in image one. Then hair straighten the plants whilst they are still in your hair like in image 2. Then undo the platts and see the waves in your hair like in image 3. Lastly style your hair how you want it to sit and then enjoy the day. 

3. Boho hair – firstly take a small section of hair at the front and then tie the ret up around the back. Then start making a platt in the middle of the newly sectioned hair as you work down the platt start to bring small handfulls under each platt strand. This will create a raise French platt if you put the strands of hair on top instead of underneath you will end up with a flat French platt. Once you have plated one side if the hair repeat this again on the otherwise. 
I left the waves from my previous hair style in the bottom of my hair to complete the boho look. This is a perfect festival look. 

4. Twist bun – now I have borrowed this hair style from Megan as it is so simple and easy to do. It was so easy I did it without looking in a mirror. You put your hair up in a ponytail. Then divide the ponytail into 2 and start to twist one part of the ponytail and then twist the other. Then make them into a bun and secure with another bobble like I have or with bobby pins. My hair is too thick for bobby pins so I just use a bobble instead. 

5. 90’s crimping – when I was a teenager crimping was a big deal. It was the age of hair straighters making your hair look straight and smooth. I had a pair of 4 x 4 crimpers that had interchanging plates and did different kinds of crimps. I don’t think they were that good from what I remember as they didn’t seem to have the temperature like the ones I own today. I have learnt not to crimp my whole head as I will end up with a rather bushy do. But just to crimp sections. 

Well that’s it folks, my 5 favourite hair styles for long hair. Some are quick and easy and others require a bit more time spent on them, but they are all achievable as I am rubbish at fancy hair dos. What are your favourite ways to do your hair?  

What’s your favourite hair style of mine from above?  


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