Avenue 32 Dream Holiday Challenge

Avenue 32 Dream Holiday Challenge

E L L E R Y night out dress
$430 – avenue32.com

Samuji pattern dress
$485 – avenue32.com

BLK DNM cropped moto jacket
$920 – avenue32.com

Marianna G padded swimsuit
$170 – avenue32.com

Heidi Klein bandeau bikini top
$145 – avenue32.com

Cédric Charlier suede handbag
$590 – avenue32.com

Heidi Klein bohemian handbag
$285 – avenue32.com

Zara Simon star ring
$3,530 – avenue32.com

Eddie Borgo red gold jewelry
$215 – avenue32.com

Littledoe flower hair accessory
$285 – avenue32.com

Blk dnm
$130 – avenue32.com

I have been invited to share my ideal holiday with my readers for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses from Avenue 32. I honestly couldn’t decide on one place I would love to visit because I would love to travel the world and discover new cultures, try new experiences, meet different people from pretty much every country- all for different reasons. I chose New York, Dubai and Paris for various reasons: some mean something personal to me, others are places I’ve wanted to visit, enjoy!

The city of love. There’s no denying it! I was lucky enough to travel there when I was 9 years old and I completely fell in love with the city. Everything about it felt so surreal, like I was on a movie set. Even the tiny memories like eating from the chip shop at night have stayed with me, it’s such a memorable place that stays with you long after you leave.

(Image fromTumblr)
One thing that has stayed with me is the Parisian Chic fashion, I love the mix of vintage and modern clothing worn, I think it really shows the clash of personalities within the city.

Outfit One: Parisian Chic Style
Personally, I would choose to wear more casual, vintage dresses around Paris, if you’re sightseeing all day it’s going to get pretty hot. Flats are an obvious choice, I mean why would you walk for miles around Paris in 6inch stilettos? This is my first choice of attire for the day, I would wear this on a relaxing day around the local boutiques or exploring the Louvre as its I can remember being absolutely boiling last time I went.

Outfit Two: Day to Night
My second outfit is based around another beautiful dress from Avenue 32. I believe that in the summer dresses a an absolute essential, especially as you can dress them up or down in an instant depending on your accessories. I think I would wear this on a walk around the city during the day and then swap the ring for a statement necklace and the oxfords for some heels for the evening.

Outfit Three: Cosy and Comfortable
My final outfit for sightseeing in Paris is a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a grey jacket. This outfit is based around Europe’s unpredictable weather, it may not be as bad as Britain but its best to go prepared. I would wear this if it was a little chilly one day maybe up the Eiffel Tower or visiting another or famous landmark.


If I had my five minutes of fame then this would be the first place I would travel to. It would be amazing to afford to fly to such a breathtaking location and just relax. Imagine how much of a tan you would get in the 45 degree heat? It’s safe to say, that this is the ideal place to spend a beach holiday!

(Image from Tumblr)

Outfit One: MAXImum attention
See what I did there? Anyways, for the first outfit for Dubai I have chosen an orange maxi skirt and paired it with a bandeau for an effortless, comfortable outfit that’s not going to be sticking to you after a day in the sun. It would also allow you to wear your bikini underneath. Sunglasses and sandals are a clear must for this location, you couldn’t possibly be walking around in Dr Martens or your Uggs?

Outfit Two: Bikini to Tangarine-e
This is another day to night outfits I guess. You’ve got a gorgeous floral bikini for the daytime by the pool and later on in the evening you have the yellow/ orange dress to wear with a pair of gladiators and some cute bracelets!


Outfit Three: Not a Bikini lover?
No problem! I found this dark green swimsuit as an alternative. Not only does it flatter your body shape but its also a gorgeous colour which allows you to wear pretty much anything over the top, if needed!

For my third outfit I also decided to pick out my favourite holiday essential accessories which are perfect for by the pool. My favourite is definitely those headphones!


New York
Onto our final destination, New York City! I realise that most people wouldn’t choose two city breaks for an ideal holiday, especially if you live in the centre of a city yourself. I don’t live very close to any major cities so I guess that’s why I love visiting them so much! New York is every girls’ shopping trip dream come true. New York is known for its incredible atmosphere, broadway and unique stores and I would honestly love to be able to experience it for myself. Being in New York for me would be when Cinderella went to the ball (strange comparison I know). The point I’m getting at is that it’s a once in a lifetime chance to live how you want and be wrapped up in the hustle and bustle where dreams are made a reality every single day!

(Image from We Heart It)

Outfit One: Monochrome Magic
This outfit is what NYC is all about…finding colour in this black and white world (yeah, that’s also my slogan for my blog. I love the ring from this outfit, I think it just ties the outfit together. I absolutely love the jacket too, I’ve been searching for months for the perfect black bomber- I think I may have finally found it. This outfit is perfect for shopping down Fifth Avenue or having a peek at Wall Street.

Outfit Two: All Dolled Up
I’ve chosen this outfit to wear on a meal out in the city. This dress is perfect for the occasion, not overdressed, not underdressed for a city with such fine restaurants? The waves style heels add a sense of fun and give the outfit a slightly more relaxed feel to it.


Outfit Three: Back to Black
For my final outfit I’m revisiting the monochrome trend, as I think it suits New York perfectly, all the colours and the bright lights stand out but all the black and white towers do just the same. I’ve chosen this outfit for an evening out watching a Broadway show. The detailed trousers are paired with a plain top to emphasise their pattern. I’ve also chosen to reuse the oxfords from Paris because they seem to compliment the outfit.


All of the items featured can be bought from Avenue 32 at avenue32.com.

Which was your favourite outfit?


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