20 facts about me…

So as I’ve had my blog for a while now I thought it was about time I gave you a bit more information about me. I may be an anonymous blogger but that doesn’t stop me living life like the rest of you?

About my Blog
1. My first blog was dedicated to my love of dogs, hence the name ‘mydogblog09’
2. Mylifethroughtheeyesoftheweb is my sixth blog, my others have all been deleted over the space of four years,
3. I started posting constantly on January 1st 2013,
4. One of my archived blogs showed you how to create giant versions of your favourite chocolate bars and sweets (comment if you want me to do some recipe posts on here)
5. All photos I take are from an iPhone 4,

About Me
6. I live in the UK,
7. I have an obsession with the monkey emojis,🙈🙊🙉
8. Alton Towers or Thorpe Park would have to be my favourite places in the UK to go,
9. My feet are size five, (if you ever want to send me some?)
10. I have two dogs, who are probably the most photographed doggies around!

About my loves and hates
11. Love Elephants and Meerkats, but who doesn’t?
12. Hate spiders and cold winter nights,
13. I would prefer to be in leggings and a loose tee than a LBD,
14. Heels and wedges make a rare appearance on my feet, they aren’t my friend,
15. I love buying new phone cases,

About my makeup
16. I buy way too many new products and then new use them,
17. Benefit’s they’re real mascara is my go-to high end product ,
18. Rimmel’s 1000 kisses lip stain is my ultimate high street lip product,
19. I don’t own anything from Revlon or Max Factor,
20. I’m saving up for a Smashbox primer and Benetint,

So I hope you all know me a little better now, if you see the monkey emojis all over my twitter or a million posts from Alton Towers, you now know why!


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“I might not be on top of the work but hey, I’m on my way” 🎶


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