Minion Nail Tutorial

Okay so who doesn’t want to have some adorable minion nails? I’m currently waiting for my nail wheel order to come so I will hopefully have lots more nail tutorials to come! Comment any requests you have, in the mean time I’m trying out some new designs on loose fake nails, which believe me is a lot harder than it seems! Anyways here’s how to create your very own minion nails

Step One
Paint you nail (or nails) a bright yellow, try Claire’s accessories or Miss Sporty for this colour as I know that a lot of stores don’t stock a bright yellow nail paint
Step Two
Paint the bottom third a bright blue colour, I couldn’t find my marine blue so I used a Collection sparkly blue colour which seemed to work just as well
Step Three
Paint a thick black line towards the top of the nail, you can do this using a striper tool or if (like me) you don’t own one then use a black nail pen or a cocktail stick
Step Four
Get your grey nail varnish and put a circle in the centre of the black stripe, I just used the brush from my Barry M polish but it’s just as easy to use a dotting tool
Step Five
Wait for the grey to dry, then put a smaller white circle on top of the grey to create the eye
Step Six
Draw the smile inbetween the eye and blue varnish, use a thin striper or a cocktail stick for this
Step Seven
To finish, draw an even smiler black circle in the centre of the white to complete the look of the minion

The products I used are: Barry M Nail Polish in Grey, Collection polish in Midnight (I think, they don’t sell it anymore though) Claire’s polish in Yellow, Black & White Nail Art Pens and a cocktail stick.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this tutorial, I would love to do more! If you recreate this send me a picture via Twitter or on Instagram or use the hashtag #mydogblog09 and I will have a looksie!


“I wear your Grandad’s clothes, I look incredible”🎶


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