MarQus Love ‘Remind You’ review

A few days ago I had an email from the lovely people at Online Media Marketing after I applied to review a song for them. It turned out we could both help each other and well, here I am writing a review for MarQus Love’s new single ‘Remind You’!

I am definitely the first to admit that I don’t have a particular music taste, I generally just follow the crowd or download something my friends recommend to me, literally anything from The Script to Eminem, I guess my music taste is heavily influenced by the people around me so listening to this song without any opinions from family and friends was a little different.

“Why you love me so much, yeah yeah”🎶

At first, I honestly didn’t know what to think, it’s a mix of R&B, Pop and there were hints that MarQus could be a rapper too. Throwing different genres together doesn’t always work but I’m happy to say in this case it was pulled off! After I listened to ‘Remind You’ a few times it became really catchy and it was really easy to sing along if you wanted to (I didn’t though, I sound like a dog howling!) I was singing it in my head later on though!

“I’m about to remind you, why you… Fell in love”🎶

I honestly don’t think the video was for me though (sorry!) but I’m sure there’s plenty of other people who would have liked it though, It kind of felt like you were intruding on someone’s love life, you see them eat together, in the bath (obviously not anything rude) and sat on the bed, it was just like you were watching their evening together and like you shouldn’t really be there.

“Hey look, my babies home”🎶


You can buy MarQus’ single from iTunes, Amazon or have a listen over on YouTube.

I would like to thanks Online Media Marketing for this unique opportunity, it is really appreciated by myself. I have been completely honest with my thoughts and I hope this has helped you


“Let me rub your feet, I know you hate those heels”🎶

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