Prairies Charms Hair Tie Review*

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by Prairies Charms asking me if I wanted to take part in their ‘#ProjectBlogger’, I was so excited and jumped at the chance to be a part of it and bought some Hair Ties to review for you all, it meant I was given a 50% off voucher for them and the chance to enter their competition to create my own product and have exclusive discounts for. My family, friends and readers! I love the fact that they donate a percentage of their profits to the GOSH charity, a company that not only gives great Jewellery but give back to the community too! Want to get involved? Bloggers have a read here for all the FAQs

So here are the hair ties I decided to review,or as they’re known on their website, Vivienne Knot Ties! The black colour was neutral and meant it would of with everything, it’s also better to blend in with my hair! I tend to wear a few staple bracelets with my everyday attire so it slotted in perfectly when it wasn’t in my hair- maybe I will be that person who always has a hair tie instead of having to borrow one every single time it comes to tying up my hair- yeah I’m not exactly the most reliable person when it come to these sorts of things!

Now onto my thoughts… I honestly love these hair ties, it hasn’t left my wrist in the last two weeks- they come in handy at the most unlikely times! They don’t leave any kinks in my hair, having curly hair I am usually posed with the problem of having a tricky time getting hair bobbles out my hair- I’m happy to say this didn’t happen with my hair ties though, easy to get out of your hair (not the most thought of USP but there you go, an original review)

I decided to put the ‘flexibility’ of the hair ties to the test when I went camping last weekend…


Day One I just wore the hair tie on my wrist, we set off on the Friday and I didn’t really need to tie my hair back at any point as I left my hair natural for the day.

Day Two Fishtail Plait time! Saturday I decided to have my hair out of the day as it was quite hot! It was really convenient to pick out a hair tie from my bracelets, I never normally have bobbles on me. I think I’m going to do a tutorial on this hair style soon, so watch this space!

Day Three As it’s not exactly convenient to wash your hair when camping I tied my hair up in a messy bun so it was up and didn’t look greasy (chances are after two days in a field it’s going to happen) I took the photo when I got home so that’s why you can see a curtain in the background, I’m not cheating!

Overall I thought it was a great product and I’m really glad that Prairies Charms contacted me to get involved with Project Blogger! I will definitely be buying more in the future, can’t wait to get my hands on their flower crowns too! You can purchase these Vivienne knot ties here on their

What are your thoughts on hair ties?


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