Guest Post: Kajal

Today I’m having a weekend off on a magical mystery tour! I’m joking, all will be revealed next week though! So I will pass you onto Bhavika from the lovely blog, today she will be talking about Kajals!

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Giving you intense eyes, can be a major asset to the smoky eye and can wipe away the simplistic eyeliner from your make up collection.


For those who don’t know what kajal is; it is an eye cosmetic which has been used for a countless number of years. It is used by a range of women, men and on children to darken the eyelids. Mostly used in African and Asian countries, its specific use is to strengthen their eyes; some believe that it would protect the child from the evil eye.

Also known as kohl, it has been linked with many health concerns. Galena (lead sulphide) has traditionally been grinded in order to make homemade kohl in the Middle Eastern countries. As technology advanced, researchers in China carried out scientific tests on the hypothesis of lead sulphide relating to absorption of sun rays when applied on the eyes. This was the just the beginning of many who began to doubt the safety in using kohl. Later they found out that many kohl samples were contaminated with lead and this is when people were adamant to get rid of kohl. Lead is not good for the human body as it can lead to lead poisoning/intoxication. This alternatively leads to further problems of anaemia, growth retardation and even death. This is why it was later banned to have lead in kohl and the modern eye cosmetics are prepared without lead in order for the brands to have any chance in staying in the market.
I would still advise you to make sure you buy your kajal/kohl from a known brand and research the ingredients used. The controversial cosmetic is always best researched before purchased.
I actually bought a kajal when I was in India and I posted a post on my blog introducing it (which you can read here: I haven’t reviewed it yet but I figured a review would be great here! Introducing those, who are not following my blog and also the amazing person who allowed me to do a guest post, to a new product.

If you are continuing to read this post without reading what I posted on my blog about the kajal then I must quickly add (before I begin my review) that I bought this Kajal after using the Maybelline Colossal Mascara. An incredibly brilliant mascara! It gave me long lashes with just one coat. I have heard of Maybelline to be a good brand for beginners in make-up (and I’m not exactly an expert) so their Kajal seemed like the best Kajal for me to try – considering it was my first Kajal. When I was in India, I did see an advert of Lakme Eyeconic Kajal but I stayed away from it as I didn’t think it was an international brand. In fear of the health controversy around kajal, I guess the best decision for me was to go for the brand I knew better. If anyone reading this post has bought the Lakme Eyeconic kajal though (or any other Kajal) please comment below and share your views!

The Kajal claims to be long lasting (6 hours in fact) and to be smudge resistant. I couldn’t tell if it lasted 6 hours although it did last quite some time. It was certainly smudge resistant as it never gave me panda eyes after my first use – which is always a good sign. It also is unsurprisingly deeply pigmented; kajals are meant to be dark on the eyes – I guess the one I used just lived up to its reputation of being used to strengthen the eyes. Another asset I can positively review is the application. It is very gentle on the eyes – or the fact that it is really pigmented stops you from pushing so hard on your waterline.

The only negative thing about it is that it does have a bright yellow plastic case which can get dirty very quickly although this is a problem which can easily be resolved so I’ll move onto my overall review. It is a great product and I would recommend kajal to many beauty bloggers that haven’t given it a go because it’s a fun product to play around with. The intensity with one stroke from a kajal cannot be found with a, let’s say, cheap drug store eyeliner so give the Maybelline Colossal Kajal a try today!


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