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Over the last few weeks I’ve discovered so many new blogs, many of which I’m certain are destined for great things! I decided to create a post to show you a few of my favourites, which tied in really well seen as according to my September Blog Challenge today’s post had to be based around the letter ‘B’, so without further ado, here are my favourite blogs of the moment!

One Pretty Mess
Last week I was contacted on twitter and asked to give Em some advice with her new blog- I was really flattered and jumped at the chance to help, I know I really appreciated it when I started nine months back (wow, it’s really been nine months?) Anyways, since she started last week I’ve really enjoyed reading her posts, especially about Tescos Car Park, it’s one we can all relate to!

To check out One Pretty Mess just click here

Fashion for Lunch
This is one of my all time favourite blogs, everything from the cute name to the outfits to the reviews! I stumbled upon this blog when I first started my own and it was my inspiration to try and get my blog to that standard- I haven’t achieved it yet but I feel I’m a bit closer than before!
I would recommend this blog to all you using WordPress as its so much easier to follow!

To check out Fashion For Lunch click here

Becky Bedbug
This is another blog that I take a lot of inspiration from, I met Becky Bedbug on twitter and I’ve definitely been hooked to her blog ever since! I love how the posts sound like she is just chatting to you as if you’re a friend, her blog design is amazing too!

To check out Becky Bedbug click here

So there’s my top three blogs this month, I love them all for different reasons and I think that’s why Ive chosen them, have you read any of these blogs before? Which is your favourite?


Instagram | Twitter | We Heart It | Blog Lovin | Pinterest | Polyvore

“Keep your best friends close by, but keep your enemies closer”🎶


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