Did you miss me?

So,did you miss me?
For me, a whole three days away from my blog felt like forever! So have you guess where I was yet? London! We managed to do just about everything I wanted to do, starting with the Camden Markets… *long post alert*

Camden Markets
This was the first place we decided to visit, it was very different to what I originally anticipated in both a positive and negative way. Overall I thought the food was amazing, literally a-maz-ing! I got so many free samples offered but in the end I settled for a pizza, which was absolutely delicious! I think most of this post will be about food, it was all so good! We had a little look around and found some thrift stores but I couldn’t find anything, there was loads of Dr Martens so if (like me) you are after a cheap pair, I would try there! The clothes stalls inside the market however all pretty much sold exactly the same thing,white graphic tees with different logos on, each store sold the same as the next (apart from a few independent stores). It was somewhere I had never visited before though and I’m definitely glad I did, there were a few stores that caught my eye and so I left the markets with a new Nail Set and a Phone Case (see images below in post)

Covent Gardens
No matter how often I visit London, I always have to come here, the street artists are absolutely incredible and it’s home to my favourite Lush store! That might sound strange but the people in there are so friendly and happy to help, not that they aren’t at other stores, but you can tell they’re genuinely wanting to help you find what you need. Covent Garden is now home to a Moomin store too! It may be full of kids merchandise but I loved it all the same.

I can’t believe Ive never visited here before until last weekend, it was incredible, even if I couldn’t afford anything in there. £2.75 for a bottle of water? I think I’ll pass… Anyways, it was great to have a look and see all the latest technology, furniture and dog outfits- yes, dog outfits, sailor, ladybird, you name it! The food looked so tasty, I was so tempted to buy some but I like the rest of the store, it was a little bit too pricey.

Portobello Markets
More food! If you end up down this neck of the woods then I would definitely recommend their Nutella crepes, they use so much chocolate it’s unreal- perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! I also had a little nosey at some of the stalls, they have pretty much everything that it was hard not to! Charlotte Reed’s stall was by far my favourite, she sells cards, posters etc of these cute quotes, all created by herself!

V&A Museum
We made a quick de-tour to check out their fashion section, which was full to bust with clothes through the ages, I really enjoyed having a look at all the different styles and Dior in the early twenties (i think?) was really interesting to see too. They are currently showcasing an 80s exhibition but as we decided to go at the last minute, it was completely sold out (boo!) the tickets were only £5 so if you are ever stuck for something to do in London why not give it a go?

Haagen Dazs Cafe
Oh my, this place is absolutely perfect! I honestly feel hungry just thinking about it now. We were given a table and sat down to a menu of every single possible combination of ice cream, sauces, fruits, brownies, crepes, waffles, you get the idea. I opted for their Banana Chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownies and bananas but I would have happily ate anything off the menu, even the fussiest of eaters couldn’t turn this place down!

So here’s all my purchases from the weekend, everything from the markets to the shops. First of all, at the Camden Markets I bought the MoYou Nail Set and Vintage Look Phone Case for just £30 for them both, the case for £5 and the nail set cost £25 but with a free set included, so I think I got a good deal? Next onto Lush, I’ve needed a new face scrub for ages and the Ocean Salt one seemed perfect, I can’t wait to review it! As for the Cupcake Face Masks I can’t say I’ve tried it out yet but it smells amazing, I know Lush never disappoints so I’m equally excited to review this too! I’ve wanted these Topshop socks for ages so I decided to go for it, I know they will go with lots so why not? I also added another Baby Lips to my collection and a new concealer can never go a miss, I’ve read some reviews and people seem to really rave about the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.


So that just about wraps it up for my London Post, I really enjoyed writing this and hope I can do some more in the future when I’m out and about!


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“Right Place, Right Time”🎶


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