My First Time TAG


I thought this tag only existed on YouTube but it seems its made its way over to my blog from the lovely Mummy and the Makeup so here I am! Enjoy!

Here’s the rules..

1. You must share the following firsts and give the story or context behind them.
2. You must tag 10 other bloggers to do this tag.
3. No tag backs.

First Best Friend
When I was a youngster I had loads of friends and as I went to quite a small nursery everyone was really good friends with each other so I don’t know how to answer this one, I was equally as good friends with everyone!

First Concert
Was to the Black Eyed Peas with my family! I was never really into going to concerts until a few years back and now I’m hooked! I would love to go to a festival in the future though?

First Celeb Crush
Bob the Builder! I’m joking, it would probably have been Marvin from JLS, he was in another band before then though, wasnt he?

First Word
Believe it or not it was the name of my next door neighbour! So my first word was ‘Katie’ or so I am told

First Job
Babysitting, unless selling my old stuff on eBay counts?

First Phone
A Nokia Brick phone, I can’t think which model, they all looked the same to me!

First Tweet
I’m seriously going to have to search through 2000 tweets for this? I’m pretty sure it was a link to my blog, boring I know but there you go

First Makeup
Can I count nail varnish? I was a big fan of painting my nails probably a year or so before I started wearing makeup? As far as makeup on my face goes, it was a slightly orangey foundation which, at the time, I thought suited my face- I wore it once.

So there’s my answers! Onto the tags:

Alee Lily
One Pretty Mess
Perks of Being Sharna
Now That’s Pretty
Kotryna Bass

and all of YOU!

Leave me a link with yours, can’t wait to read them!


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