Blusher: Starting Off

Sorry I haven’t kept quite up to date with my Starting Off posts, last weeks topic was Bronzer and as I have never used it (yes, really) I had no desire to post about it, it would be pretty hypocritical too. What’s important is Im back on track to this weeks post, which is Blusher. My second favourite beauty product (my all time being mascara, of course) so first off lets see how you apply.

I thought this cute little image from Pinterest described it perfectly! Everyone has their own style of applying blusher, (just like everyone has their own ‘mascara face’) but you’re best off sticking to something similar to what’s above.

I admit that one of the only products I will invest good money into is a good blusher, I would much rather have a decent blush than eyeshadow or lipstick they last so much longer and the pigmentation is perfect! If you’re just trying out blusher for the first time I would maybe go for a blush with a fairly small price tag until you’re comfortable with it, then invest in a high end one. My favourite is the MAC Longwear Pro Blush, which I bought in Florida a few months ago.

Benetint is a great idea if you need a lip and cheek stain that’s subtle and easy to apply. Simply splash three dots along your cheeks, where the blush would normally go then simply rub it in. It’s that simple! Loads of brands do their own version of this so keep an eye out!

I can’t wait for the next #theSOproject post! What do you think of them?

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