September Favourites

September Favourites

I can’t believe its that time of the month again! I didn’t do an August favourites because I was really busy so I’m glad to be doing my September one. So without further ado here are my favourites and why…

Fashion Faves
So these last few weeks I’ve been collecting some bits and pieces for Autumn, the rain and snow will soon be here and I want to make sure I can get everything before every warm item sells out. The pyjamas from Topshop aren’t exactly warm but perfect to wear underneath under my cow onesie! I’ve waited to find one of these for over a year now so I’m so glad to have finally found one. I love to wear printed leggings in the winter, especially with oversized jumpers, they’re so cosy and warm but more exciting than just regular leggings- I cant wait to pair them with my Doc Martin style shoes from H&M (well, once they arrive in the post). I also loved watching LFW Live this month, it was amazing to witness something which was once so exclusive, now welcome to the public- wouldn’t it be incredible to go in person though? I can but dream. From watching the SS14 shows I decided I needed some new denim shorts- I don’t know why they’re needed in Autumn but I guess they can always go with some thick tights underneath, plus they’re perfect gig attire.

Music Faves
One Republic’s single ‘Counting Stars’ has got to be my tune of the month, I love it! If you haven’t heard it yet then honestly, you’re missing out. I’ve also been listening to a LOT of Jason Derulo- I love his new single but all of his songs are just as good.

Bits’n’Bobs Faves
Okay, my obsession with ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green is unreal, its a truly incredible and moving book that I cant help but just tell you about it- three of my friends have read it to stop me going on about it and loved it just as much as me. To give you a plot synopsis; its based around a young girl living with cancer, she acts like any other teenage girl but simple tasks are a lot more difficult to her than you and I- then its girl meets boy, with a few twists thrown in resulting in a tear jolting but surprising ending. As for my other favourites, this stitch phone case is so cute! Im trying not to buy it because, you guessed it, I have no money! But its that cute I may just have to buy it at some point…

So that just about wraps it up for my favourites this month, I would love to know what your favourites are so don’t forget to comment!


“Baby I’ve been loving losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be”



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