Forever 21 Lip Stick Colour

I’ve wanted to try out one of these lip crayons for ages, so when I spotted it at the checkout in Forever 21 I couldn’t resist! The colour is fairly natural, it’s not too bright or bold- which I think is essential for an everyday lip colour. I prefer the crayon style as it’s easy to apply and rarely smudges- unlike a gloss, it doesn’t leave bright stripes of shimmer either. The colour is quite a subtle pink, although it does have a dash of darker tone in it. It doesn’t last longer than an hour or two though, so you have to keep applying if you want it to last all day long! Apart from that, it’s a great lip colour and I think I will be picking up a few other shades next time I end up in Forever 21!

Have you ever tried Forever 21 cosmetics range before?


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