The Fashion Week Tag

So LFW may have been last month but as September was such a busy month for me I’ve only just been able to do the fashion week tag post! Thanks so much to Tolly for tagging me, I really appreciate it. So let’s get started…

Have you ever been to a Fashion Show before?
Not anything on the scale of LFW or anything like that. I think that the closest to a fashion show I’ve been to is one they put on at school!I would love to go to one, The Clothes Show Live looks incredible!

Which fashion show would you go to and what season?
London, probably simply because it would be really easy for me to get to. If I had all the money in the world I would love to visit the NYFW though. I think SS would be the most exciting too.

What show would you like to go to?
This one is easy. Topshop for the Spring and Summer collection. The reason I’ve chosen a high street brand is because it’s one everyone knows and loves, I would also have a good idea of what to snap up before it sold out. For designer I would love to see a Marc Jacobs show though, how amazing would that be?

FROW or Backseat?
Hmmm…. I would say. backseat. It means I can still see and not end up doing something really embarrassing on TV or photos. On the other hand, I could be like ‘oh it’s me! I’m in the FROW images, you can see me on the side of the catwalk’ which would be pretty exciting?

If you were able to work at LFW, who would you rather be – A designer, a model, the press, a VIP, or someone backstage?
The press, for sure. Being first to voice my opinion on upcoming fashion trends would be just breathtaking for me. My dream job is to work in media, particularly around roles of social media and journalism, so it would be a perfect opportunity for me!

Sometimes you can get invites to the after ‘part-ays’, but you are only allowed to meet one model, one designer and one VIP/celebrity, in person. Who would you like to meet?
I’m definitely a bit of a sheep with this one, the model I would love to meet would have to be Cara Delevingne- I can never spell her surname – she just seems so lovely and chilled, taking the modelling world in her stride. Plus she is friends with pretty much everyone in ‘the business’ which is always very useful. As for designers it would probably have to be Marc Jacobs himself, purely for the reason that he has conquered so much of the business we all pour millions of pounds into and I would have a list just as long of questions for him to answer. Well of I’m going as the press, surely I would need to? As for a VIP it’s a toss up between Rita Ora or one of the many famous bloggers out there. It would be interesting to get mixed opinions from a variety of sources on the show, but at the same time-I wanna meet Rita Ora, just because…

For your Fashion Week trip, you can take 5 items, for example a camera etc. What would be your essentials?
iPad for writing notes and sending emails out once the show had finished. It would also keep me in touch with the social media aspect so I could answer any questions that people asked. I would take a camera, for obvious reasons; my phone, incase I needed to contact anyone; money as I’m sure I would need some, I hardly think everything there would be free; I would also take cards with my blog on, so I could hopefully find some new followers and also to secure my position as press, if I didn’t have any identification they wouldn’t let me in!

And finally, of course the obvious question. What will you wear?:
This goes without saying what would be in trend, I can’t predict the future. I would probably wear some Doc Martens with printed leggings, a vintage tee and some stacked bracelets, very mish-mash but it does look decent on, I promise. By choosing comfort over style it eliminates the hours I would be working, I could stay as long as I wanted and only have to worry about being home to feed my dogs!

I tag…
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And YOU!

Let me know if you do the tag, it’s brand new and pretty darn original, thanks once again to Tolly for tagging me:)

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  1. Thank you for tagging me! Loved the tag! 😀

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      No problem, I loved the tag too! Don’t forget to send me a link once you’ve done it!

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