Halloween Skeleton/Ghost Nail Art

Ah! It’s that time of year again. Halloween! Although I may be too old for ‘trick or treating’ I still love to decorate the pumpkins and put together Halloween outfits, it’s so much fun and it’s the only night of the year your outfit/makeup/nails can go wrong and nobody will care, because it’s Halloween. So I thought I would start off my little countdown with with nail art designs, they’re pretty basic and really simple, enjoy!

Ghost Nail Art
This one is as simple as it gets! Start off by painting a white base, then once it has dried, get a large dotting tool or nail pen and draw two large circles on the top of the nail to represent eyes. You could go whatever darker colour with this, I chose blue and it seemed to work pretty well! Et voila, you are finished-see I said they were really easy to do

Skeleton Nail Art
This one is basically the same as the those tutorial but just adding an extra few features. So paint your nails white and then apply the two eyes with a dotting tool or nail pen. Now get a smaller dotting tool and draw an upside down heart for a nose, finally you want to take the same dotting pen (or a striper tool if you have one) and draw lines to about half way up the nail, repeat this across the bottom of the nail to replicate teeth. Now you’ve got some skeleton nails!

These maybe simple but they’re very effective, I honestly think you could get away with them with pretty much any costume, or even if you’re just handing out Candy! What do you think of the tutorial? I’ve got lots more lined up if they’re a success. I really enjoy the nail tutorials and can’t wait to do more now my striper and dotting tools have arrived from Amazon.

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“Dear Darlin, please excuse my writing, I can’t stop my hands from shaking”🎶


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