Storing your makeup

Hola, bonjour! I really need to find a formal way of introducing my posts…

Anyways as a post today I thought I would introduce you to where all my makeup is kept. Obviously I own a makeup bag for my everyday products but like all bloggers, I have a little few extras…just a few. I chose this space because it’s right underneath my desk (well technically it’s in it) and it’s really easy for me to get to, no boxes and boxes with locks and chains to search through. So here’s a few tips to get you started with your storage.

I will tell you a secret, the little ‘boxes’ my makeup is sitting in are the knives and fork holders from Ikea-they cost me £1.50each! This brings me onto my first tip, saving money where you can is key-why spend £100 on a makeup box if you have no money to buy any makeup to put on it. I already had the desk in my room so the entire thing only cost me £3! You can also buy transparent storage boxes from Ikea for £3 each which are easy to stack and another cost effective way to organise your makeup.

No. 2 is find something to choose something practical, I once had an elaborate jewellery box type for storing my makeup, not only was it difficult to get out and unlock but it broke quickly after being used so much in a short length of time. You also need to make sure it’s something that can be wiped down easily, mine are make from plastic which seems to be ‘simple as’ to clean.

I have been told I’m obsessed with keeping this draw tidy, I’m not going to lie- I really am! But only because if something is out of place it looks silly and could easily get mixed up and lost; so my final idea for you is to put all your mascara together, all the eye pencils together etc, it may seem obvious or silly depending on your opinion but honestly it saves you so much time!

How do you store your makeup, I would love too see-why not tweet me a picture?


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  1. I love this idea! I bought a desk and Alex drawers from Ikea the other day and I’m loving them! I have dividers like these in a couple of my drawers and it makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for!! I also like to open it and admire how neat they look hahaha!!
    I think its so important to find somewhere practical to store make-up, at the end of the day we all spend a fair bit of cash on make-up so we need to make sure its stored somewhere sensible!!

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