My iPhone and I



Ive always, always loved apple products. Ever since I got my first iPod nano at a young-ish age I’ve been spellbound by their amazing technology and power to make the impossible, possible through phones, tablets and computers. As many of you also know I’m attempting to save up for my own MacBook too. So when I had a problem with my phone I was rather shocked, and well… Had no idea on what to do. I have emailed apple but in the mean time, I was wondering if I could have a little help from the blogging community or if you’re reading and know what I’m on about-feel free. I would be over the moon if I could sort this out…

When I try to load the iTunes app on my iPhone 4, it will come up for a split second and then vanish, similar to when apps crash, I’m not sure how or why this is occurring. I’ve not checked my iTunes account in approximately one week and as soon as I went back onto it today, it keeps crashing. I’m not sure whether the link is broken on my phone, it’s the Apple ID, settings?

I have tried the following:
-resetting my phone;
-logging in and out via the settings app;
-logging out on all Apple devices it could be connected to (ie-on my iPad)

My Apple ID appears to work fine on my iPad for both iTunes and the App Store, as well as working fine on the App Store on my iPhone. I am completely in the dark on what to do, it’s all of a sudden and taken me by surprise. It’s a real shame as I now cannot download music on my phone until (if) it is or can be resolved. I would really appreciate any advice, step-by-steps or ideas you could help me to get it running like normal. It’s an unusual event and I’ve never seen it happen before.

What do I do?

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A few days later I managed to get my iPhone back to its regular help from the help of their support staff, I was told step by step what I could do to resolve the issue, it turned out it was as simple as needing an update that hadn’t come up directly on my phone. I feel pretty silly for not realising it myself but it honestly didn’t come up on my phone until it was plugged in, so thankyou Apple for helping me out!


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