What’s in my handbag: Autumn

What's in my handbag: Autumn

I did a summer edition of this post a few months back and thought it needed a bit of an update, for one I’ve got a new ‘got to’ handbag- I love the Camebridge Satchels but as they were a little pricey I settled with a similar one from Select. I’ve only had it two months and the clasp broke this morning, boo! Anyways, here’s what I’ve kept in my bag recently…

This category consists of my phone, purse, money and keys- simply because they are the four items that whatever the weather will always remain in my bag, no matter where I’m going, it makes sense, right?

My iPod has to come in here, I know I’ve got my iPhone which plays music, but like I mentioned in this post my iPhone and the iTunes Store aren’t best of friends at the moment. Have a read of the ‘My iPhone and I’ post and let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix it! To accompany my iPod we, of course, need some headphones! I always have one of my Baby Lips in my bag too, I am literally obsessed with them (click here to find out why), we can’t have a long journey without a magazine to read either? So Company magazine is an absolute must. Which brings me to my final item, thick socks! It might seem a little strange but we’ve all had that day where you get wet through and have to walk around in with a puddle of water in your boots, squelching as you walk. If you haven’t you’re lucky, trust me. So even if my shoes do get wet I can get my feet a little less wet.

I can’t wait to update it to Winter in a few months, I will definitely have a new bag by then, I can’t believe my satchel broke this morning.


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“do you really want to live forever, forever?”🎶


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