Weekly Round-up #2

It’s that time of the week again! I think I’m going to post this series every 10 or so days, just so it gives me chance to gather enough pictures to say I did something interesting!

Anyways, where to start? I honestly don’t know there this week has gone, it’s been so busy! I have literally lived in my onesie- but then who wouldn’t want to? I’ve been loving the Covent Gardens tomato soup (exciting, right) it tastes really fresh, even though it’s out a carton- if you’re ill or need a quick lunch I would really recommend it! Another item I love at the moment is the whole tartan trend, this dress from Ark sums it up really well, although it is very ‘full on’ in the sense that there’s no other colours or patterns there, I think paired with some tights and winter boots it would look really cute?

When I read on the #bbloggers chat that Lush had released their Christmas range I was really excited, I’ve always loved Lush but never really realised how great their products were until a few months back- so I’m really looking forward to trying out my penguin bubble bar and shower gel! Twilight is one of those films you either love or you don’t, right? I can’t say I’ve watched the whole series of them (just the first and third, sorry!) but I can’t get enough of the soundtrack. Christina Perri has always been a must on my iPod but the song ‘A Thousand Years’ is just something different. I know it’s been out a while now but still?

To finish the week off… I bought some new makeup which I can’t wait to review soon, particularly as it’s Rimmel, a very controversial brand with bloggers I’ve noticed? I also got myself a jumper in the Urban Outfitters sale, nothing says autumn like oversized sweaters. I also went to Chiquitos with my family, the food was delicious and worthy of taking a quick snap of it before I ate.

On a final note, I’m currently writing my first book review for a book that will keep your crying for hours, The Fault in our Stars is loved by millions, but by me especially!

Hope you all had a good week?


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“I fell in love with the way you fall asleep slowly; then all at once”


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