10 reasons to start a blog…

You may have noticed that everyday this month (and August) I have been posting about nails, hair, makeup, autumn fashion and lifestyle but never actually posted about starting your own blog, so without further ado…

I know that by trying hard with my blog, I will eventually get there. Posting everyday is hard but sometimes everyone needs a break-I’m only human after all? I thought I would turn what could be a dreary post about me moaning, into 10 reasons you should blog!

1. It’s exciting!
It may not sound like it is, especially from my first paragraph but honestly, blogging is one of the best things I chose to do this year.

2. Discover new products and places
As a blogger who regularly posts about their favourite lip balm, I know how important it is to be truthful about a product. I rarely go to Superdrug without checking reviews on what to buy first. For other bloggers, for example a travel blog, will also give you an insight to their favourite places, their style- something you can try for yourself!

3. New people
I made the conscious choice not to reveal my identity etc, on my blog but I know there are plenty of others who regularly meet up with other bloggers at events. It’s important to remember to keep safe on the Internet and not give too much personal information away though. If events don’t take your fancy then there are regular tweet ups for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers throughout the week. There is either a topic to talk about, chosen by a host, or a free chat to talk about blogging in whichever way you wish.

4. New opportunities
Once you get going, it’s possible to be contacted by brands, exciting right? You can either review an item for the brand, be paid to write a sponsored post or even giving away their product on your blog. This takes time, so don’t expect floods of brands straight away, I’ve been blogging for almost a year and although I am lucky enough to have been contacted by a couple of brands, I know that it doesn’t always happen. You can apply to review items though, websites like Brand Backers and Etail PR are great for this.

5. New ideas
Writing, reading, posting and collecting ideas together most definitely isn’t a bad thing. It opens up your mind to the world around you, I must read at least ten times more newspaper articles and blog posts than I did before. I write down a lot of my ideas too, so I don’t forget them! In short, it’s a valid excuse to go out and buy some cute notebooks!

6. New Projects
There’s plenty to get involved in. They’re really good fun and you get to uncover some amazing blogs too! I recently took part in #theSOproject, a twitter based idea where bloggers got together and posted their take on what products you should try, if you are buying and wearing makeup for the first time. I wish there was something like that for me when I was twelve…

7. Anyone can do it
Me, you, even Frosty the Snowman could have a blog. There is no boundaries to who can blog, nor to what you talk about- the world is your oyster!

8. CV friendly
Yeah, you heard me. If you’re looking for a job in marketing, social media- or any sort of media, journalism, shop assistant, travel advisor, receptionist, travel agent, shop owner? It can fit into a range of jobs, take your pick! As long as you post roughly about the job title then I don’t see any reason why it will do nothing but good! It gives the employer a unique chance to see your skills in action, and see the non-interview side of who they’re employing!

9. World Class
It’s worldwide, anyone can read your blog- even the grandparents in Australia! On the flip side, it can get you to places across the globe, I follow a blog where she has got enough money from blogging sponsored posts etc, to go on holiday to Paris! How incredible is that?

10. It’s your blog, nobody else’s
It’s a corner of the Internet of your very own, so use it wisely and most importantly… Have fun with it! You can post about whatever you want, however you want, nobody will tell you to do this that or the other, its your very own.

So that’s my ten reasons, each as valid as the next! To see my other posts in the ’10 reasons’ just click here. See you tomorrow with another post!


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“I’m friends with the monsters under my bed”🎶


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ellasday says:

    Definitely agree with the excuses to buy new notebooks! X

  2. nihaojulia says:

    I also started blogging recently but just as a hobby (in my field blogging is not CV friendly..). I always loved writing scripts and stories but forgot about it during university. Now I see blogging/writing as a creative balance for my “scientific/academic/master” everyday life 🙂

    1. I’m glad you rebound blogging! It’s a very on-off thing and I guess we are lucky to have a hobby that allows u to do this, good luck with it!x

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