Guest Post: Scarlett Fashion’s Tips for a Transitional Wardrobe

Today I’ve got a treat for you all, I have got my third guest post! The lovely Amy from Scarlett Fashion so without further ado, here are are her 10 tips for a transitional wardrobe.

Hi there! My name is Amy & I blog on behalf of Scarlett Fashion. I’ve been kindly allowed to do a guest post here on My Life Through the Eyes of the Web. I thought i’d share with you some tips for a transitional wardrobe. A transitional wardrobe means clothing suitable for that time between seasons, when you don’t know if you’re going to get up and it’s freezing or it’s going to be a beautiful sunny autumn day. You need to be prepared for both even though you packed your summer dresses away a long time ago, I know I did anyway. I certainly don’t have enough room in my wardrobe for both! 
Anyway, here are my top 10 tips for transitioning your wardrobe.
1. Dig out the scarves.
Not all scarves are thick and knitted! There are some scarves that can keep you warm but not roast you alive should the sun make an appearance. Choose one of cotton rather than wool, this will be breathable should it be warmer during the day than first thing in the morning. Also if it does get too warm, these scarves look great tied around a bag strap.
2. Favour the chunky knit over a winter coat. 
Invest in a couple of thick cardigans to wear rather than slipping on your coat. This is especially useful if you’re not going out until late morning as usually in Autumn it’s only very cold first thing and in the late afternoon. Team a thick cardigan with a cotton scarf for a very wearable but warm look. 
3. Go leggings and pumps.
Missing your sandals? Why not wear a pair of leggings with some pumps so you can still feel the air on your feet! Wearing pumps with leggings keeps the majority of your feet and legs warm but you can still cling to that feeling of summer. This especially great if you have a few summer dresses around. Leggings, pumps with a dress is such a classic look. 
4. Layer it up. 
Tights with knee high socks over, a strappy dress with a long sleeved top, hoody under your blazer, tights under your shorts.. these are all options that work well in that transitional period between autumn and winter when you’re not ready to accept it’s trousers and jeans weather all day every day.
5. Choose light jeans with your woolies.
As soon as September rolls around all the shops start selling their dark autumn colours. Although I am a fan, I can’t help but think I look a little too gothic when I wear everything in plum, navy and bottle green. I’ve found a great way to combat this is to wear my light wash jeans with a dark coloured knit, and finishing the look off with my skinnies tucked into a pair of biker boots. 
6. Invest in some basics.
This goes hand in hand with layering up. If you have some items in your wardrobe that you can use when layering up it’s half the battle when the weather is so interchangeable! I’ve a couple of three quarter length sleeve tops in black & grey marl that are great for under dresses and jumpers. I find H&M has the best selection and at a great price. 
7. Keep those sunglasses handy.
Even though the heat may be gone, low sunlight is a problem come autumn as the sun is generally lower in the sky. Keep your sunglasses in your handbag, especially if you’re going to be driving because I can guarantee you’re going to need them still. I also think scarves, chunky knits and sunglasses is the best look ever when the seasons change. 
8. Treat yourself to some shoes that will work for autumn and spring.
I’m not sure about anyone else, but when I buy shoes I like to know they’re going to get a good run. However to me, Autumn and Spring seem to be those short season where you barely feel the change and bam it’s already Winter/Summer and you’re changing your wardrobe again. Personally I favour brogues, they’re those shoes that you can wear in autumn with your knee high socks and in spring with your frilly ankle socks and they’re both great looks. 
9. Chose statement pieces from current trends. 
Instead of buying everything tartan, or everything grunge.. choose statement pieces that will work with a number of outfits. Perhaps a tartan scarf or some chunky black boots, something you can still work when the trends change without looking “so last season” you don’t want to be left with a wardrobe of clothes you’ll never wear again.

10. Don’t go shopping crazy!
Choose items of clothing you know you’ll wear right from September until April (or if you live up in “Narnia” like I do, often well into May). See what you can still use from your summer holiday without looking like you’re desperately holding out for an Indian summer. If you do want some new clothes, sell what doesn’t fit on eBay so you do have that extra cash.


What is your favourite seasonal transition wardrobe?