October Favourites

October has been such a busy month! I’ve bought so many little bits and bobs, prior to Christmas shopping but as I only got them right at the end of the month, I didn’t want to put anything in I haven’t tried out or worn yet. Despite this, I’ve still got so many products, quotes, songs and clothes I’ve loved this month, so I thought I would share them with you!

My baby caterpillar boots! They’re perfect for autumn and can be worn with jeans- which I probably spent the most of October in, so they are perfect for that!
I’ve been trying out loads of Lush products recently and their Ocean Salt Facial Scrub has got to be my fave; it’s really helped clear up my skin as well as balancing all the oils in your face. A total must-buy!

I honestly don’t spend enough time reading, between everything I always forget to make time! So I’m glad I’ve caught up this month with my current three favourite books: To kill a Mockingbird, The fault in our Stars and IT by Alexa Chung; I love that all these books are so different from each other, I’m desperate to review them on my blog soon?

This month I’ve (attempted) to do a bit more photography, even if it’s only on an iPhone 4, it’s something I enjoy and would love to be better at. The ‘Beautiful Mess Book’ is on my Christmas list- it’s a book all about position and photography, by the makers of my all-time favourite photo editing app!

Finally, here’s my gorgeous little doggy- I can’t believe I have only ever written one post about her this year, so I thought she deserved a mention, it’s my ambition this month to introduce book reviews and post about my dog more, she actually lived a pretty exciting life!

Sorry this post is late! What have been your favourites of October?


“hey soul sister”🎶


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