Weekly Round-Up #3

First of all I’m going to have to apologise for recycling images, I do try to take as many as I can when possible but for this post it seemed necessary to use some again…

Anyways, what a busy week it has been! With halloween, bonfire night and a lot of books to get through it’s no surprise I’ve not had much chance to post this week. I loved carving out my pumpkin and watching the fireworks at the weekend, I hope everyone else did too? I have one word for my song of the week. Monster. Oh my. Rihanna and Eminem have collaborated before, which I loved but this new single is amazing! I really enjoy listening to Eminem when he’s singing with another artist, it’s one of the few rapping artists I download onto my iPhone. Speaking of iPhones I was lucky enough to win a competition over on http://www.kelloves.com and got myself a cute phone case (see top left), I can’t wait to give itself it’s very own post, to let you know on my thoughts of the case and brand. I’ve also tried out a lot of new nail art and flicking through photos on my phone, apparently I took a photo of the delicious chocolate desert but I can’t remember when? The look of it is making me hungry though! Finally, I know winters on its way when my dog spends 90% of her day curled up in bed sleeping away- she looks so innocent and sweet when she sleeps too!

So that about wraps it up, what have you been upto this week?


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“I could do without a tan, on my left hand, where my fourth finger meets my knuckle”🎶


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  1. naseeba says:

    ahhh i love the pumpkin!!

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