I’m Back!!

I felt an exclamation point was needed, after almost a year (298days to be exact) of making my blog private (and unused), I’ve decided to go public again! So, in terms of why I did I left my blog, it was simply because I didn’t have time to post and do everything else as well. Also, I quite liked the idea of privacy for a little while, I love posting but as I’m sure other bloggers can agree, it sometimes is a little strange to think about what your followers can know about you from your posts. But if I’m honest, I was being a little silly, Ive never, and will never, post my name or pictures of myself, or anything like that, so really, I shouldn’t have worried so much, ah well- its in the past. Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 17.16.04 Hopefully I can start posting again a couple of times a week, with makeup, fashion and lifestyle still being my main topics, but maybe throwing in a few DIYs or travel based posts every now and again? Also Im very excited as I have a ‘proper’ camera to use, so all my images should be better this time around. In terms of future plans, I hope to eventually start a new blog, or at least change the name of this one- as really, its way too long, but I am rubbish at coming up with ideas for blog names, they’re either already there or utterly pointless, so if you have any ideas, let me know! Its good to be back, so I hope you all enjoy my life thorough the eyes of the web part two!


Today is a gift, thats why its called the present”

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  1. Vinus says:

    I was surprised when an update from your blog popped up in my emails, so glad you’re blogging again 🙂

    1. mydogblog09 says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing that, it’s really strange to be back blogging, but I’m really enjoying it!:)

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