Midweek Music: My Top Ten

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog, but even longer since a music post was published, so I felt one was way overdue.

My Top Ten songs I’m loving at the moment are:
1. Yellow | Coldplay
2. Same as Before | Hoodie Allen
3. I See You | The Horrors
4. Innocence | Avril Lavigne
5. Lullaby | Professor Green
6. Naïve | The Kooks
7. Robbers | The 1975
8. Black Widow |Iggy Azalea
9. Stronger than I was | Eminem
10. My Heart is Open | Maroon 5

I definitely don’t have one specific genre of music I like, there’s a bit of rap, indie and pop in there as well. Lots of these have come from listening to playlists on Spotify, it’s given me loads of new songs which I love and didn’t know existed!

What are your favourite songs at the moment? tweet me or comment below!

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“I’m gonna love you like a black widow baby”🎶


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