Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

This week I’ve decided to review the ONLY foundation i consistently repurchase, it gives coverage, colour and consistency, but the best bit? It costs me £6.99 each time! I absolutely love this foundation, it comes in so many shades that you’re bound to find one that will suit your skin colour (hence the name ‘match perfection’), it seems to get me through the day, with a touch up if I’m going out again at night and provided my skin isn’t too bad, I usually don’t need very much to get the desired amount of coverage too.

The only negative I do have to say is, I like that its slightly scented, it’s quite fruity, but it makes me question if a chemical has been put in to make it smell like it does? (If anyone knows I would really appreciate it). Apart from this, it has got to be, hands down my favourite daytime foundation, it’s really light so you feel as if you hardly have any makeup on, it isn’t ‘cakey’ at all. Even though I’ve discussed my concern about the chemicals in it, I feel my skin has actually benefitted from wearing this foundation, this is largely down to how light it is I think, you aren’t shovelling on lots of makeup to get the look you want, so there aren’t as many opportunities for the foundation to get into your pores etc.

I actually prefer it to my MAC foundation, shock gasp horror, right? I was finding that with the ‘MAC studio fix’ my skin wasn’t taking too kindly to it- I didn’t want to make it any worse, so have switched back to using this foundation. So, for that reason, and that reason only I would choose Rimmel’s Match Perfection over MAC.

Overall, I would really recommend this foundation if you’re looking to find a new one, I’ve tried every Rimmel foundation and I can definitely say it’s my favourite simply because of how light it feels and it lasts for the daytime.

What’s your favourite foundation?

I will be reviewing new products every Thursday so keep an eye out for them, if you want to know any information about a particular product comment it below and I will make sure to review it in the next few weeks


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