Weekly Roundup #4

This week has certainly been busy…. So to start off with, I’ve started blogging again(obviously) so this week has revolved around that in lots of ways. I’ve been writing some new posts, taking loads of photos on my camera (so now I have no excuse for bad photos!) I’ve also tidied up all of my makeup, so it can be organised for reviewing. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up this week!

My obsession of the week has been Pinterest. I have both a blogging and private account, but if you want to follow my blog account just click here. You cannot see just how many pins live liked and repinned this last week or two from this account alone, but all I will say is it’s a four digit number…. Oops! It’s so easy to pin everything though, right?

This week I have been loving Eminem’s album ‘Marshall Mathers LP2’, there’s a good combination of songs, they aren’t all one style of rap, if you’ve listened to it, I think you’ll understand what I mean. I cannot wait for his new album!

I went out with my friends for a meal, and the picture doesn’t give our food enough justice, we had quite a few courses between us, but the curry was by far my favourite.

This week I will be writing more posts, and if anything exciting happens, I might just have to write another weekly roundup? Leave your Pinterest names below and I will follow, I’m always after new ideas to pin etc!

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