Lush Christmas Wishlist

Lush Christmas Wishlist

Star of Wonder
$43 –

Merry Christmas
$32 –

Holly Go Lightly
$8.78 –

The Christmas Penguin
$6.25 –

It’s that time of year again, I didn’t want to be posting about Christmas in October if I’m really honest, I’m more of a ‘let’s worry about Christmas in December’ kinda person, but after Lush brought out their Christmas collection, I couldn’t resist but do a cheeky Christmas wishlist. Lush is one of my favourite stores, and as Winter rolls in, I will definitely be having more and more baths, and using more and more of their products! So without further ado, here’s my wishlist….

1-‘The Christmas Penguin’ Bubble Bar, £3.25
This is a returning bubble bar on my wishlist, I bought this one last year and loved it so much I want to repurchase it! It’s incredibly cute, the bubble bars are by far my favourite Lush bath product, simply because of how long they last, so I think a ‘Christmas Penguin’ would be a good addition to make.

2- ‘Star Light, Star Bright’ Bath Melt, £3.50
I’ve never tried a bath melt before…. I’ve heard great things about them, but whenever I’ve been into Lush I always seem to forget to buy one, so this Christmas I’m going to make sure I don’t forget to buy one of these. What I think is even more amazing, is the way Lush describes this on its website.. “A lime and ginger-scented bath filled with light, lustre and a shea butter fondant centre.” Brownie points for this description, it totally sells it to me!

3- ‘Holly Golightly’ Bubble Bar, £4.75
I’m guessing by the name that I need to ‘go-lightly’ with this product, which I guess is good as it means it will last me a long time? I love the fact that this bubble bar is a glittery and has a festive spice fragrance to it, what’s not to love?

4- ‘So White’ Bath Bomb, £3.50
Okay so this bath bomb is white, but smells of apple, but turns your bath pink? How incredible is that? I’m utterly obsessed with this idea and can’t wait to try it out for myself. They also do a shower gel in the ‘So White’ scent, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that too!

5- ‘Candy Mountain’ Bubble Bar, £2.75
This one is going to be another repurchase, I absolutely loved this bubble bar last year, I’m so pleased they brought it back! It smells so sweet, almost as good to eat. Almost! If you like the ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel they bring out at Christmas you’ll love this bubble bar, the scent is almost identical!

6- ‘Magic Wand’ Bubble Bar, £5.25
I’m sure you’ve realised by now that I love anything which will turn my bath pink, but who wouldn’t love a pink bath? What particularly appeals to me is the fact that the ‘Magic Wand’ is easier to control how much you use, you can swirl it around in the bath for a bit before drying it, ready to reuse next time, I don’t think you could do this to many of the Bubble Bars.

So that’s it! Christmas may be a while yet, and it’s probably a good job if I want to get my hands on all these products before they disappear for another year. Which is your favourite Lush Christmas Product, click here to have a look at the rest of their Christmas collection!


“Smile. Be happy”


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